Undergraduate Final Year Project Supervision

  • Precise Vehicle Localization using Fusion of Multiple Sensors for Self-Driving
  • Road Sign, Traffic Light and Static Object Detection for Self-Driving
  • Dynamic Object Detection, Tracking and Trajectory Prediction for Self-Driving
  • Behavioural and Local Planning, and Maneuvering for Self-Driving
  • Object Detection, Tracking and Suspicious Activity Recognition for Maritime Surveillance using Thermal Vision
  • Multi-Terrain Adaptable Direct Drive Leg Design for a Quadruped Robot
  • Self Reconfigurable Mobile Robot to Navigate in Complex Terrain
  • Legged Robot Navigation for Disaster Response
  • Sparse Localization for Micro UAVs in Disaster Response
  • Personal Mobility Device
  • Robot Receptionist
  • Scalable Autonomous Agronomical Smartbot
  • Autonomous exploration and three dimensional mapping of indoor retail environments using an active-SLAM capable mobile robot platform